SEO & Google+ for Business

Google+ Business Pages

Google has recently launched “Google+ for Business” and these pages are bound to grow in importance for search engine optimization. Why? Here’s why…

  1. Google has stopped indexing Twitter posts and Facebook comments, and is moving toward relying on it’s own social network (Google+) for social media signals.
  2. Links within Google+ Business pages are “dofollow” meaning that they could pass link juice to help your SERPs. There’s little information out there suggesting otherwise, at the top of writing this post.
  3. Google has implemented a new Direct Connect search method, allowing its users to search for brands in a manner like “+toyota” to find Toyota’s Google+ page.
  4. Google’s own Google+ will help it find more, new content…more easily.

The jury is still out as to how much Google search rankings will be affected by Google+ for Business, but we think they will be highly influenced.

Google Authorship (rel=”author”)

Hidden Benefit – Google shows more articles in the SERPs from an author on a website if a user clicks on an article with rel=”author” code, spends time reading the article on our site, then goes back to Google. There is more information in this in-depth article.

Google Publishership (rel=”publisher”)

Coming soon.