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Unconventional Ways to Be a Better Marketer


Want to become a good marketer? Want to become a great marketer? How about simply becoming a better marketer with small steps that will inspire and keep you on track. As each new year comes upon us, people everywhere focus their intentions on resolutions instead of inspirations. As an inbound marketer, you need to stay […]

Be More Magnetic! How to Write Powerful Blog Titles


So you have a blog but your visitors aren’t clicking deeper into your website. Or, perhaps your blog posts are ranking in Google, but your click-through-rate (CTR) is low and you’re dropping in the rankings. Well, let’s help you change that because improving your blog post titles is one of easiest things that you can […]

Amazon SEO: Optimizing Product Pages & Shopping Feeds


Most eCommerce stores will feed their products to 3rd party shopping sites like Amazon, Bizrate, Shopzilla and others since they provide extra streams of revenue for an eCommerce store. Considering that Amazon has a Domain Authority score of 100/100 according to Moz’s OSE Tool, you want to leverage this ranking power of Amazon with traditional, natural SEO […]